The Moozie Foundation Initiates First Round of Funding for a New Driving Academy in South Dallas

[DALLAS, TX – December 20, 2021] The Moozie Foundation, a charitable arm of The Rosewood Corporation, and the Caroline Rose Hunt family, have donated $10,000 to support the BridgeBuilders Driving Academy in the Bonton community in South Dallas.

The BridgeBuilders Driving Academy will provide driver education for residents who do not have the resources to obtain a drivers license. It is currently training seven teenagers in its pilot program and will graduate its first class of new drivers by Summer 2022. The driving program plans to be fully launched in July 2022 where BridgeBuilders will provide training for up to 35 residents.

“The Moozie Foundation became aware of this important initiative through Scott Turner, President of the Community Engagement & Opportunity Council and we are thrilled to offer our support,” said Lynn Fisher, Rosewood’s director of corporate giving. “This program has the potential to transform lives and open doors for so many people in the Bonton community who want to make a positive change for themselves, their families, and their community.”

BridgeBuilders Executive Director Jonathan Fechner says the community’s median income is a disturbing $12,500 annually with only 35% of residents having access to reliable transportation. “A driver’s license will greatly expand opportunities for our residents to increase their income and provide a better life for themselves and their families.”

BridgeBuilders, in partnership with CEOC, has near-future plans to provide training for the trucking and transportation industry where residents can earn $35,000 to $75,000 annually, far above the current median income. They also plan to partner with national trucking organizations and logistics companies to create a guaranteed pipeline of drivers from Bonton.

Turner of CEOC says, “We are all about breathing new life into under-resourced communities like Bonton to create opportunities and therefore impact generations to come. Sometimes all people need is a little help and a little hope to encourage them in a more promising way of living. If we can help to provide resources for a better way of life, generations will be changed for the good!”

Visit the CEOC website to learn more, including how you can donate and get involved.


The Moozie Foundation was founded to extend the caring legacy of Caroline Rose Hunt through charitable giving directed by her grandchildren and future generations. Its mission is to support community programs that help vulnerable and underserved populations.


The Community Engagement & Opportunity Council (CEOC) was founded in 2021 by former NFL player, Texas State Representative, pastor, and local businessman Scott Turner. Turner previously served as the first Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which was created to transform America’s most distressed communities through economic development and community impact.

Turner and his team continue to help those living in underserved communities through CEOC, whose mission is to revitalize the communities of America through sports, mentorship, and economic opportunity. CEOC strives to provide poverty-stricken neighborhoods and communities with sustainable resources needed to thrive and grow.

To learn more about CEOC, visit the website and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.