[DALLAS, TX – December 30, 2022] The Moozie Foundation has donated $50,000 through Community Engagement & Opportunity Council to support The South Dallas Driving Academy (SDDA) in its efforts to provide access to a driving school in the Bonton community in South Dallas, while simultaneously removing additional barriers to obtaining a driver license.

SDDA was born out of the realization that a simple driver license could ultimately increase quality of life for those living in Bonton and surrounding communities by providing access to better opportunities. 

“When someone gains a driver license, they gain a sense of independence which gives them confidence. Additionally, they can now travel more efficiently to higher quality schools, better job opportunities, and more outside of their previous Bonton boundaries,” says Von Minor, SDDA’s Program Director and VP of Development and Strategic Initiatives.

Minor also explained that the SDDA program aims to remove all barriers to obtaining a driver license by hosting the program inside the BridgeBuilders community center, paying all expenses to obtain a license, and even legally working on behalf of those who have incurred fines by driving without a license.

Scott Turner, CEOC Founder and President, says, “Von shared his passion for this driving program early on, and I knew immediately that we wanted to support it. It wholly aligns with our objective to create immediate and sustainable opportunities for those living in our nation’s most distressed communities.”

CEOC Founder and President Scott Turner with Lynn Fisher, Director of Corporate Giving at The Rosewood Corporation

Turner collaborated with his colleague and friend Lynn Fisher, Director of Corporate Giving at The Rosewood Corporation which includes The Moozie Foundation.

“SDDA’s mission is so simple yet incredibly impactful. Getting a driver license is something most of us consider a right of passage. This is just not the case in many South Dallas communities where there are several barriers to getting a license. We are proud to support this innovative program and believe it will change the course for those seeking to improve their lives. We hope our investment inspires others to support” says Fisher.

Minor has plans to create even greater pathways for SDDA students, including a CDL program that allows graduates the opportunity to work with its partner companies in the trucking and transportation industries. He goes on to say, “The CDL program among other initiatives will give those living in Bonton more choices, more opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their families. We expect the community’s median income of $12,500 to notably increase in the next few years as we deploy and expand the SDDA program.”

Visit the CEOC website to learn more, including how you can donate and get involved.


The mission of The Rosewood Foundation is to improve the quality of people’s lives through grants supporting the arts, education, environmental conservation, healthcare, and children and families living in poverty. We seek to make contributions that will produce a meaningful, measurable, and positive impact to the quality of life for present and future generations.


The Moozie Foundation was founded to extend the caring legacy of Caroline Rose Hunt through charitable giving directed by her grandchildren and future generations. Its mission is to support community programs that help vulnerable and underserved



The Community Engagement & Opportunity Council (CEOC) was founded in 2021 by former NFL player, Texas State Representative, pastor, and local businessman Scott Turner. Turner previously served as the first Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which was created to transform America’s most distressed communities through economic development and community impact.

Turner and his team continue to help those living in underserved communities through CEOC, whose mission is to revitalize the communities of America through sports, mentorship, and economic opportunity. CEOC strives to provide poverty-stricken neighborhoods and communities with sustainable resources needed to thrive and grow.

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