CEOC’s 2021 Fall Fundraiser

Our hearts are full and we are so humbled by God’s ability to give us what we need to help others. The Fall Fundraiser we hosted on September 17, 2021 further validated how generous our network is, as we raised a significant amount of money to help impact the severely under-resourced community of Bonton and beyond. 

President Scott Turner shared his heart behind our mission and what it means to him to support the Bonton community. He was joined by CEOC board members Linda Yaccarino, Jim Donofrio, Tony Ewing, David Mansdoerfer, and in spirit Alfonso Costa Jr. 

Notable guests and sponsors for fall fundraising efforts include:

  • Advanced Fixtures, Inc
  • Avondale Dealerships
  • Rosewood Ranches
  • JPI
  • Systemware
  • Eagle Financial Group
  • NBCUniversal
  • Green Street St.Louis
  • Heaslip Engineering
  • Sam’s Club

You can find select photos from this event in our photo gallery:

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For information regarding donations and sponsorships, please contact Sam Davis at or 903.517.1295.